"What immunizations do I need to complete this program?"

"Do I need to be fully immunized before enrollment?"

Students are not required to be fully immunized prior to enrollment, however they must be full immunized before being able to schedule clinical rotation shifts. If I student is not immunized at enrollment, we recommend the student begin working on the following list of immunizations as soon as they start the online course to ensure they are ready when the time comes.

Required Immunizations:

  • Negative TB test within 6 months of the start of clinical rotations (or negative chest x-ray if prior positive)
  •  Hepatitis B Vaccine (3 vaccination series), 
  • MMR (2 vaccinations), 
  • Meningitis, 
  • Annual Flu Vaccine, 
  • Tetanus(within the last 10 years) and 
  • Chicken Pox /Varicella  (2 vaccinations)
Quantitative Serum Titers showing seroconversion are acceptable.