Here is a quick overview of what it takes to complete our Paramedic Program.

The Paramedic Program consists of 2 separate courses: AEMT/Paramedic 1 Course & Paramedic 2 Course. Each course has it's own skill sessions and clinical requirements, but when completing the Paramedic Program, the skills and clinical requirements for the AEMT course can be postponed until you are ready for the Paramedic 2 skills and clinicals. Some students find it easier to complete all of the skills sessions together if possible, especially when travelling in from out of state. The AEMT(Paramedic 1) program requires two Skills Practice Sessions ( 1-day per session ) and one Skills Testing Session day, and the Paramedic(Paramedic 2) program is 3 Skills Practice Sessions ( 1-day per session ) and one Testing Session day. That is a total of seven days of skills sessions. All skills sessions are scheduled about a year in advance and are included in tuition. We can also do "1 on 1" sessions for a separate fee, if you want to try and fit in a special session between pre-scheduled sessions. You are looking at about 1-2 weeks worth of sessions IF you could schedule everything back to back.

Our skills session locations are:

  • Abilene, TX
  • San Antonio, TX

So, first the online coursework and final exam for AEMT/Paramedic 1.

Then skills and clinicals for AEMT ( if you are wanting to get your NRAEMT before completing Paramedic ), or straight into the Paramedic 2 coursework.

After you have completed both courses and final exams, then you will complete all the skills session requirements for both courses.

Once skills are complete, you can begin clinical rotations.

To see a complete interactive map of our clinical locations, please visit PERCOMcourses and look for the map about halfway down the page.

Clinical Hour Requirements for the Paramedic Program:

  • 128 Hours Emergency Room
  • 96 Hours EMS + 144 Final Field Internship (Final Rotation Phase)
  • 16 Hours Labor & Delivery
  • 8 Hours Respiratory Therapy
  • 24 Hours Operating Room
  • 8 Hours Cardiac Unit
  • 8 Hours Cath Lab
  • 8 Hours NEO ICU
  • 16 Hours ICU

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