Many out-of-state students, naturally, wish to complete their clinical rotations as close to home as possible. Depending on the U.S. state, we may be able to setup an agreement with EMS and a hospital local to that student to facilitate this. Be aware that some U.S. states will not allow Out-Of-State programs like PERCOMOnline, Inc. to have clinical agreements in their states,  and ALL that do will require that the school has a written agreement for clinical and field oversight with a licensed emergency physician (AKA. Assistant Medical Director) in that state who is familiar with and works with EMS. Since laws do not govern ALL STATES equally and especially the medical industry, for a student to officially complete clinical requirements at ANY medical service provider, the provider and PERCOMOnline, Inc. MUST have a legally binding and mutually agreed on Rotation Affiliation Agreement with the site, as well as a signed Co- or Assistant Medical Director agreement with an emergency physician in that state.  The process and agreements also have to be approved by the specific state and any appropriate accrediting agency(ies).  We currently have medical directors for the following states other than Texas.  We may or may not have clinical or EMS contracts in these states:

  • Missouri
  • Oregon
  • Arizona
  • Utah
  • Oklahoma
  • Washington
  • Montana
  • Louisiana
  • Illinois
  • Ohio

NOTE: These states may change without notice and PERCOMOnline, Inc will not be held liable for changes, deletions, rotation request denials, delays in response, etc..  Some states have other requirements over and above those listed.

Some hospitals and EMS agencies have their own clinical affiliation documentation and agreements, and others do not. Because of this, we ask each student that is interested in doing clinical or EMS rotations in a site in one of the approved states above with whom we do not currently have agreements to do the following:  1.  Locate the provider(s) they wish to use for rotations and personally contact their clinical department/liaison and find out the requirements for a rotation agreement with that provider. 2.  With the site's help, complete the PERCOM Site Request form in its entirety and send it back to the PERCOM Program Director at  (If they have their own paperwork, it will be up to that student to retrieve this and send it PERCOM's Program Director for our review and approval.) 

We will provide that student with a SITE REQUEST FORM from PERCOMOnline to carry with them to the provider, and this form must be used for requests. The provider can then fill it out and send it straight to PERCOM, or the student can return the completed SITE REQUEST FORM for the provider. Be sure to ask the provider to supply full contact information including company email addresses, not personal email addresses, for legal verification purposes.

For your convenience, we have provided a downloadable copy of the SITE REQUEST FORM with  this article. 

Please note that even if a site gives verbal indications to you that they are willing to work with PERCOM in this endeavor, there are several approval steps that must be completed by the site before any student can be scheduled after the agreement is signed by all parties and executed.  Some sites do not complete the remaining steps.  Others complete them but it takes time for them to gather the data or complete preceptor training requirements on their end.  Once the steps are followed by the site, there may still be steps that PERCOM must follow for state approval or approval by an accrediting agency.  So the process is not fast and not guaranteed.

Please submit the completed form to:  Jane Dinsmore -